glimmers of glass



every now and then, i remember that i really, really like philip glass. then i go on a listening rampage. (what reminded me today was mental_floss.)

the reason i ever listened to him in the first place was because i had a job which compelled my formally-trained-in-classical-music boss to repeatedly talked about how she couldn’t stand him. never having heard of him prior, i was intrigued twofold: 1, because i was curious to know why my boss despised him so and 2, because, contradictory to that, every description i had read of him sounded fascinating to my weird, avant-garde-ly inclined mind.

so i listened. and i loved.


this is a photograph of a freezer without my head inside:

this is a photograph of a freezer with my head inside:

it’s not so random or as original as it may seem.

slowly but surely, i will take them under my wing.

you can, too.

on january 26, 2011 the second photo appeared in the new york observer.
update: on august 28, 2011 the second photo appeared on cukmi.