In Reflection: 2016 Goal Highlights

Well, I’m at the time in my life where I only post on my blog once per year, but once is better than none-ce, right? This year marked year four of goal setting, and it might be the worst one yet. (You can compare with 2013, 2014, 2015.)

As always, some goals were accomplished and some most were not. If you want to know the failures, I’ll tell you, but they don’t make for fun blog posts due to lack of photographic evidence, so this list focuses on mainly what worked.


I complete two courses in the Professional Sequence in Editing certificate program.

Done and done, and I’m on track for my third course to begin next week. I promise the below photo is not actual evidence of my study habits.



I complete one dry month.

Having Haley on board helped immensely with this goal, and we went all in by pairing it with a Whole30 diet. I’d never done any sort of diet before; it was simultaneously easier and harder than I thought, but I still got to eat lots of yummy things.

Here’s a picnic we had during the month; I promise I didn’t eat any of the cheat foods pictured.


[Editor’s note: There were many more goals in this category regarding exercise and eating well that were not-in-the-slightest met. Whoops.]



I go on six hikes.

With hikes in Point Reyes, Mono Hot Springs, and Lake Tahoe, I only made it half way.


I travel abroad this year (outside of Mexico and Canada).

It’s been a decade (!!) since I spent the summer at an archeological dig in Israel, and though I’ve been to Mexico and Canada a few times in the interim, I haven’t ventured outside North America since. While this goal did not get met this year, it’s top on the list for 2017.

I attend Burning Man.

I will contend that attending Burning Man is a bit like traveling to another universe, so maybe my first travel goal was, in fact, met.


I go camping four times.

After obtaining my own tent early in the year, I christened it with not four, but five camping trips this year: Midge Creek in the Sierras, Westport beach camping, Coloma whitewater rafting, Auburn front-yard camping for Chris and Megan’s wedding, and, of course Burning Man.


I go on six weekend-getaway trips.

I excelled here as well, with 12 trips under the belt. In addition to the camping trips listed above, I went to Santa Cruz, Reno for a Republic game, Tahoe for Megan’s Bachelorette, Austin, Nevada City, and SF several times.

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Reno really helped me grow. 🕴

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I cut my hair and donate it to Locks of Love.

I knocked this one out in the first quarter, chopping off about 13 inches.


I read 20 books.

Not even halfway on this one: I only managed nine. I need to get back on the speedy read-y graphic novels.





I research and get comfortable with buying a new-to-me car.

After procrastinating on this goal for quite some time, the perfect situation fell into my lap and I upgraded my 1996 Honda Civic to a 2011 version. I’ve also almost accomplished my following goal of paying myself back for the purchase. Cha-ching!


I buy myself a new iPhone to replace the one that was stolen when I was mugged.

Another story of procrastinate-until-the-timing-is-right, Haley’s co-worker was selling an iPhone 6 for a decent price, so I got back to the real world after six long months of iPhone 4 use. Below, observe the bliss it brought me.




I push the Bourbon Babes Instagram past 30K followers.

An ambitious goal to begin with (essentially doubling the amount of followers we netted last year), I didn’t meet this mark. But, we ended the year with over 21.5K followers, making for a slight increase of total followers per year.


I write six posts for the Bourbon Babes blog.

Only came out of the year with five, but I certainly had fun doing the “research” for my SF and Austin posts.


I help plan six Bourbon Babes’ events/collabs.

We only made it to five this year, but had a great time working with Requested, Unseen Heroes, Cookies & Milk, Junior Achievement, and Empress Tavern for a wide array of partnerships.

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#allthebabesinoneplace ❤️💛💚💙💜

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Give zero fucks.

The goal that keeps on giving.

zero fucks camp - burning man 2016

I maintain my monthly get togethers with girlfriends.

Book Club.


And Bourbon Babes.

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Happy HoliBabes! 🌲

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Started making chalk rainbows.

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In situ #midtownrainbow 🌈

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Got “megamosa” changed to “megalosaurus” on the LowBrau menu (at least for one day).