2014 in costume

last year i recapped my month of october in costume, but this time i’m going for the entire year. have i mentioned how rad it is to have friends who embrace the opportunity for a costume party at any given moment?

i don’t have any planned costume extravaganzas coming up through december (though you never know), so therefore this should serve as a comprehensive 2014 costume recap. just received an invite to a cowboy christmas/oregon trail themed holiday party, so i spoke too soon. will have to update for december costumes afterall!


my costumed year began in march, when haley & colleen had a food-themed costume party for their birthday. i got to bring my sandwich costume out of the rafters of my parents garage and onto the…plate? doubled up on the meat this time with a bonus haley.

sandwich costume


went to a wes anderson-themed party at golden bear, where two forms of suzy bishop from moonrise kingdom hung out with agatha from grand budapest hotel.

2014 suzy bishop


bike party sacramento had a video game themed ride in june, so i grabbed by bubble gun from lady gaga’s artRAVE and went as james bond from 007 goldeneye (did you play that on n64? i liked using the paint ball gun to draw graffiti). i was accompanied by princess peach and a sim.

2014 james bond artRAVE


for my birthday in september, i had an “a” themed letter party, where you can dress up as anything, so long as it starts with the letter “a.” i went as abstract art and, more specifically, a mondrian (given solid blocks of color are about the extent of my painting skills). there were several artists in attendance who claimed to have painted me.

2014 abstract art mondrian


many moons (hah!) ago, my friend kristin made me a pet cloud. so, when haley and i were stymied about what to be for crocker’s october art mix, and she texted me a picture of her rainbow dress, i knew i had to embody my pet cloud in costume form.

2014 pet cloud6. KITTY CAT

despite a cat’s pre-disposal to run away from all things water, i hung out with a sea creature all night.

2014 kitty cat halloween at the park


And, finally, my crowning moment: THE SLOTH.

2014 sloth

i’d thought there was no surpassing my sandwich costume after its original debut in 2006, but the sloth this year might give it a run for its money.

what was your favorite thing to dress up as this year?

a very well-costumed october

a played a lot of dress up last month.

october kicked off with richard’s “fantasy birthday party” (think “nerdy” not “dirty”), which pretty much turned into a game of thrones party.

i went as king robert. being pillow-fat was weird. that sword was awesome.

king robert baratheon gets chummy with talisa stark.

king robert baratheon gets chummy with talisa stark.

the next evening i severely injured myself. i’d say “long story,” but it’s actually a short story: i jumped over a hedge and fractured my foot.

this meant the remaining october dress up featured a cast and crutches, which came in handy for my next get-up: kerri strug from the 1996 olympics.

yes, i wore spandex shorts to the bar.

yes, i wore spandex shorts to the bar.

i then went not once, but twice, as the tooth fairy:


my tooth fairy utility belt (t-fub for short) consisted of coins, “teeth,” and fairy dust.

and rounded things out a little more traditionally as holly golightly for my final dress up of the month:

no cigarettes were smoked in the making of this picture.

no cigarettes were smoked in the making of this picture.

only two of these outfits were for halloween activities. i’m glad i have friends who like any excuse for a costume party.