repeated songs

i have a tendency to listen to songs on repeat. i’m not talking a few times a day, or even a set of songs over and over. i am talking about one song, on repeat, for eight hours while i’m at work, for the course of a run, while i’m falling asleep at night.

i hear it, it gets in my head, and i don’t get tired of it. it goes on loop repetitively, until my neighbors and friends want to tear their hair out (i’m guessing, on the latter).

here are some of the songs that have received the top honor of being consistently on repeat:

summertime sadness (mk lee foss cold blooded remix) – lana del rey

this is my current repeated jam.

i feel better – hot chip

house sparrow – xiu xiu

there are multiple xiu xiu songs that have gone on the ol’ repeat, but this one has the most plays on my itunes currently, so it earned the honorary xiu xiu spot in this list.

the past is a grotesque animal – of montreal

this made a cameo in my “long songs i like” round-up.

another radio song – okkervil river

little pills – tech n9ne featuring k.a.b.o.s.h.

long songs i like

most of the time, i’m too impatient to sit through a long (6 minutes+) song. but, every now and then, i stumble on one that is so catchy i can’t let go. and even, sometimes–gasp–play it on repeat.

i just found a new one yesterday, which reminded me to think of the others.

here they are:
the past is a grotesque animal – of montreal

(yesterday’s find)

the story of yo la tango – yo la tengo

lower your eyelids to die with the sun – m83

love cry – four tet

attack and fall – philip glass

god, i love philip glass.

sometimes i realise (invol2ver remix) – sasha

staying alive – cursive

the mariner’s revenge song – the decemberists

so long as we keep our bodies numb we’re safe – midtown

oh comely – neutral milk hotel


these are the more down-tempo ones. perhaps i’ll put together a dancey-long-song list sometime. if you’re lucky. enjoy these ones while you’re at work (or lazing about) today.

glimmers of glass



every now and then, i remember that i really, really like philip glass. then i go on a listening rampage. (what reminded me today was mental_floss.)

the reason i ever listened to him in the first place was because i had a job which compelled my formally-trained-in-classical-music boss to repeatedly talked about how she couldn’t stand him. never having heard of him prior, i was intrigued twofold: 1, because i was curious to know why my boss despised him so and 2, because, contradictory to that, every description i had read of him sounded fascinating to my weird, avant-garde-ly inclined mind.

so i listened. and i loved.

xiu xiu fotos forevers

i know i’ve mentioned the names xiu xiu and david horvitz on here before. and anyone who knows me even a little bit knows how much i like them both. but ANYWAY. on the past xiu xiu tour david horvitz did a disposable camera project, which i participated in. the film was returned and developed speedily and i have (somewhat speedily) posted all the photos on flickr. so take a look, if you are so inclined!
i am particularly fond of the before-and-after meal shots:

[also, i snuck one onto not very pretty]

one of my favorite band names is also one of my favorite bands

i’ve never done a music post before. i usually leave that to my friend michael.

postcoitus, however, has remained one of my favorite bands for over a year now and so they deserve mention. staying power says a lot. i first heard them play live at a co-op party, complete with light show and neon short-shorts. i downloaded a couple songs from their myspace page and was hooked, so i ordered their cd online. it took a while to get to me, but it was worth the wait.

i arrived home one day to find a taped manila envelope that looked like this:

that contained a note to me, 4 free buttons, and the cd itself.

they’ve been m.i.a for some time now, but their song 12,000 secretaries alone is enough to keep me entertained. it is good from the start but becomes the best at 2:07. enjoy, and–vote yes for dancing!

[also, please note the appropriate blog post time. not an april fools, just a fun coincidence!]