the most egotistical post

every photo i found of me from van der neer’s runway show in july [i’ve had this post pending for awhile]. since their runway time was slashed from 15 minutes to 5(ish), i figured this was the one time i could get away with posting excess pictures of myself on this blog, since i can spin it as showing off their not-seen-long-enough 11th dimension collection.


(because hair & makeup got the short end of the stick too):

miscellaneous photos by shannon lee photography, harlee, honeyuck/hana haley, like magazine.

why my july was better than yours

man, i was looking at my iphoto and realized my july kicked all kinds of ass. since i like this blog better than facebook, i’m going to post all my photos here because that way you can’t tag yourself in them. photos filched from nicholas, devora, father pops, myself (how dare me!), other people probably (definitely).

without further ado, i bring you the fun & full july of yours truly.

here are things i did:

became full-time at work.

got bonus beers at skip’s.

celebrated america.

lost at trivia.

celebrated a belated bday.

(though it looks like it was still a retirement party)

bacheloretted it up, limo & champagne style.

quit jumping.

added an arm-hat to my birthday wishlist.

(where’d he get his?!)

went to a thirsty thursday river cats game and ate free food.

found gold sparkly high heels at target for $10 cash money.

met my baby cousin for the first time.

forsook my drip coffee pot for a french press.

(nick helped me get rid of my forsaken one.)

finally tried that aioli place i always walk/drive past.

took some friends to the cabin for their first time.

(tried and failed to not grow a mullet.)

roasted a hot dog.

(ate it, too.)


got to work on a photo project/art show with my boyfriend.

closed out the concerts in the park season.

watched !!! perform from a sweet aerial view (for free).

strutted it for van der neer.

went to an unofficial not-closing party for lucky cafe.

looked like a gangly schoolchild at the california state fair.

started my marathon training (officially).

saw the sunrise.

not pictured, but still awesome: gave a tutorial on snuggie wearing, saw the little mermaid at music circus, had a home-prepared sushi meal with friends, enjoyed a delicious date at Club TB & got to experience the tasty treats they have at ikea..

modeling round up!

cool to see a couple of my pics included in this round up of model inspirations by cuffs. well, one of me by me and one of me by lydia chen:

speaking of modeling, i haven’t been doing much of it lately. keeping busy in other avenues! but i did manage to make it to a rather impromptu photoshoot coordinated by juniper james for an SN&R article about local designers.

i’m wearing morris and terry athletic (there’s me standing with the lovely designers on the right). i was lucky enough to be able to keep my outfit after the shoot and boy, i cannot tell you enough how amazingly soft and comfortable those clothes are! i wear the top, especially, all the time. probably too much, considering the frequency with which i wash it (rarely).
near the end of february, i also walked for vasily vein, the final designer for sac fashion week. here’s a still from my stint on the runway:
the answer is: no, i didn’t fall over. thank you for asking.
that’s the scoop for now!

going for a ramble

it is july. i have done some things. i am thinking about some things.

i have modeled again for cuffs and nicholas wray and van der neer. in that order in one weekend. if you put one shot in order from each of those, it looks like this:

(if you can’t see those you can click them for larger if you didn’t already know)

i have spent time with friends, which makes me giggle.

i have been enjoying my work at and got to write my first theatre review even if it doesn’t say my name (gotta change that!).

i have thought about summer and how it’s slipping away fast!

i have thought about google plus and social networking and how it sometimes would be nice not to do any of that anymore.

i have tried really hard not to be stressed about launch but now i am stressing myself out trying not to be stressed. okay, so i will be stressed and now i will wonder: how can i hang art on cinderblock walls without putting holes in the walls? do you know?

i have thought about miranda july and her new film and how i very much want to revisit learning to love you more and how i got the book off my shelf and now it is sitting on my floor but i have yet to open it.

i have played a lot of text twist.

i have wished that my macbook had a delete button like my pc at work, where i can delete forward instead of backward. i have wished that for a long time.

photos of me not by me

a couple weeks ago i got to collaborate with nicholas wray on some shots for a show at beatnik studios, inspired by the velo and vintage fashion show. the shoot was one of the longest (but fun!) shoots i’ve ever done, and it was worth it as nick got some great shots. he has a round up on his blog (plus one more!)

since i haven’t done a modeling update in a bit, here are snippets from other shoots of late:

shann gillogley:

lydia chen photography for poppyhearts:

shop cuffs:

(if anyone wants to buy me this outfit, by all means feel free!)

misc things and things

i have been writing a lot lately. in these posts, at least. a change of pace from my usually succinct title/photo/repeat. but, since i’m already on a roll, let me expand and update upon this list:

1. i am now an official employee of (!!). if you don’t believe me, read the news in this week’s newsletter.

2. i have taken on the task of gallery director for launch 2011 (more here).

5 (3, sir). it was an honor to write about my favorite local fashion designers, van der neer in this month’s featured artist profile on sacramento365. read it! they are so amazing! (and like them on facebook for up-to-date news & sneak previews)

not broken

here are some things that have happened: (numbered but not in order)

1. i am on page 117 of this book (thanks to david horvitz)

2. i am selling these clothes (thanks to cuffs)

3. i am on the back cover & inside of this magazine (thanks to sarah maren photography & kate miller events)

4. i am in this online magazine (thanks to van der neer)

5. i found this photobooth (thanks to shady lady)

6. the show i did promo for got some good coverage (thanks to sn&r, midtown monthly, submerge, and of course keith telfeyan himself!)

7. since i’m listing awesome things and i never mentioned this when it happened: i am at second 32 & minute 1:50 of this video (thanks to saman keshavarz)

8. and of course, this site is working again (thanks to sam keshavarz)

it’s been a good few weeks, despite the frustrating site-outage!


unrelated announcement(s)

which is, actually, vaguely related, i suppose, because the party is part of arts. open october. (explanation here) and i am posting a photo every day in the same vein. so there.

but, digression (and multiple commas) aside–i will be sneaking into the neo-crocker party this saturday by briefly emerging from my modeling hiatus to pose for van der neer. super-excited because i get to look super swank AND not pay $95 to get in. woo hoo!

while i’m at it, may i also prompt you to attend the poetics of music at sea reception at csus university union gallery tomorrow (thurs) evening–6pm-8pm and free, free, free. not to mention, rad paintings by jeff felker (see below)! and rad girls in attendance (see here)!