when parking meters grow from hedges

parking meter hedge sacramentoan extra leaf.

welcome home william

today the soap i used smelled exactly like the hand sanitizer required for entry into my brother’s wing of the hospital. it took me back and took me forward. i can hardly believe how much time has passed and how much time has flied. friday is my brother’s last day in the marine corps.

there’s sending him off to boot camp:

there’s one glimpse of him in boot camp:

there’s him graduating from boot camp:

there’s him almost dying (but not from the war):

there’s him surviving:

there’s him loafing around being bored:

and now, finally, there’s movement onto the next adventure. cannot wait!

on monkeys and love

whether or not you’re a valentine’s day fan, you can’t really say you hate love, so here’s a love story for you: when my dad met my mom, he had a sock monkey from his childhood. when my mom met my dad, she had a sock monkey from her childhood. my mom & dad fell in love, and so did the monkeys. now they sit atop the sliding door in my parents’ bedroom, keeping each other in good company.

as a bonus, here’s some love-y music for you:

happy valentine’s day!