where i pretend i designed this from scratch

LOOK WHAT I MADE! i made it while balancing my laptop like this:

balancing the laptop was the most complex part.

it’s basically a bunch of links, but i figured why not–my parents have purchased this url for me two years in a row now, so i ought to do something with it, right?

the only thing that makes me cranky is that i can’t have the naked domain (i.e. without the “www”) direct to it. what the wtf google sites.

if you are anywhere near iowa or anywhere near the internet

check out the fundraiser for the gallery public space one, which includes a sequence of drawings of the taxi driver from david horvitz‘s september 9th idea. the whole gallery of these drawings is now up on picasa and available for bidding (though you may need to be in iowa for that). all proceeds help this non-profit gallery keep going!

(this one’s mineremember?)
it was originally paired with the above, but now it’s apart.