why my july was better than yours

man, i was looking at my iphoto and realized my july kicked all kinds of ass. since i like this blog better than facebook, i’m going to post all my photos here because that way you can’t tag yourself in them. photos filched from nicholas, devora, father pops, myself (how dare me!), other people probably (definitely).

without further ado, i bring you the fun & full july of yours truly.

here are things i did:

became full-time at work.

got bonus beers at skip’s.

celebrated america.

lost at trivia.

celebrated a belated bday.

(though it looks like it was still a retirement party)

bacheloretted it up, limo & champagne style.

quit jumping.

added an arm-hat to my birthday wishlist.

(where’d he get his?!)

went to a thirsty thursday river cats game and ate free food.

found gold sparkly high heels at target for $10 cash money.

met my baby cousin for the first time.

forsook my drip coffee pot for a french press.

(nick helped me get rid of my forsaken one.)

finally tried that aioli place i always walk/drive past.

took some friends to the cabin for their first time.

(tried and failed to not grow a mullet.)

roasted a hot dog.

(ate it, too.)


got to work on a photo project/art show with my boyfriend.

closed out the concerts in the park season.

watched !!! perform from a sweet aerial view (for free).

strutted it for van der neer.

went to an unofficial not-closing party for lucky cafe.

looked like a gangly schoolchild at the california state fair.

started my marathon training (officially).

saw the sunrise.

not pictured, but still awesome: gave a tutorial on snuggie wearing, saw the little mermaid at music circus, had a home-prepared sushi meal with friends, enjoyed a delicious date at Club TB & got to experience the tasty treats they have at ikea..

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