gaga for gaga

as i was driving back from oakland yesterday my ipod did a wonderful thing: it shuffled on to a lady gaga song.

do you ever inadvertently cease doing something? not for any particular reason, but perhaps just because something else came along and then something else and then another thing and then you forgot about going back to the original thing, even though you really enjoyed the original thing? this happens to me a lot.

i was grateful when lady gaga came on because it reminded me of another instant-smile-inducer and i like to collect those. i remembered how much i love her music, what she stands for, how everything she does is a piece of art, how i can sing along to all her songs, how maria and i saw her almost exactly a year ago,

how maria lives in new york now and how she got to go to gaga’s workshop at barneys and how she got me a fabulous gaga teacup for christmas (it has a diamond at the bottom. real, of course.),

how every gaga song is great but i still have some favorites,

how nick & i are going to new york in 2 and a half weeks (!)

how this blog post had a point when i started it in my head yesterday that has since been lost. how that’s okay. how this is the end of the post and that’s also okay.

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