fly fly fly

thanks to my connection with the sacramento metropolitan arts commission, this past sunday i had the honor of attending the vip reception for the new airport art. after seeing all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, it was doubly cool to see how fabulous it looks all finalized and in place!

the red rabbit, aka lawrence argent’s leap is stunning, and cannot be missed from any angle on the ticketing side of the terminal:

but, on top of the oft-talked-about rabbit, there are 11 more artworks! below are some highlights. you can learn more about each individual artist, their concept, fabrication, installation, and final product by clicking on their names here (and see photos of the ones i wasn’t able to snap pictures of!).

christian moeller’s the baggage handlers:

which is made from this:

donald lipski’s acorn steam (which i keep misreading as anchorsteam!):

which includes thousands of austrian crystals:

living lenses’ your words are music to their ears:

where you can type in messages that are translated to music which plays through the horn (not pictured)

there is a free community preview day of the airport (docent tours of the art, too!) on sunday, october 2, 2011. be sure to check it out if you can–this is big for sacramento!

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