my digital camera still has a viewfinder, can you believe that?

almost exactly three years ago my camera was broken (and then, replaced) and now, three years later, my replacement camera is broken (and not yet replaced).

i should specify: it still works to take photos; the screen is broken. at first i thought “oh, this will be fine, i’ll just use the viewfinder all quaint and old fashioned like.” but then i realized that no screen also means no settings. goodbye iso, goodbye knowing when my flash is going to flash.

maybe it’s time to go back to film? or the darkroom? or sneak polaroid attacks?

[previously in trash cans: 1 2 3 4 5 apparently i like taking photos of trash cans. also, recycling cans, but not as much.]


have i ever mentioned that you should always click every link i ever link to in any post?

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