samples of the art of LAUNCH 2011

the past few months have been spent working to coordinate the art/artists for LAUNCH 2011, a multi-disciplinary audio/visual festival celebrating music, fashion, art, architecture, and design in sacramento and beyond. after much preparation, it’s finally happening!–this saturday inside the greens hotel.

among all the other elements, 11 fabulous artists will be showcasing their work. here are some samples of the talent that will be on hand (but these pieces won’t be in the show. you have to actually go to LAUNCH to see the new stuff!):

work by (in order left-right): nicholas wray; raoul ortega; micah crandall-bear; brady tuazon; keith telfeyan; jeff felker; chelsea greene lewyta; joel lee; john horton; jeff dojillo; aaron kraten

learn more about the artists here. buy tickets for LAUNCH here (save $5/ticket with discount code “sac365”)!

7 thoughts on “samples of the art of LAUNCH 2011

  1. Urban Design & Construction has one of the most anticipated exhibits at Launch 2011. It would be nice to see them covered in your promotions- which will surely add breadth and depth to your event offerings.

  2. Thanks for the quick reply, Alison! I sure hope others covering other areas are as proactive as you are. BTW, Steve Hamm of Urban Design & Construction is both an amazing artist and artisan!

  3. Ooh, that all looks like so much fun! I actually found your blog through nvp (which I found randomly) and I love it! Anyway, I wish I lived near Sacramento.. I was actually in San Diego yesterday and drove down to Arizona. Gross. Why does California have to be so big?!

  4. I'm glad NVP could lead you here 🙂 Wish you'd been able to make it up to Sacramento for the event–it was a blast. Silly California being so huge!Nick: THANK YOU!! And, thank you for all your work on Launch as well 🙂

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