going for a ramble

it is july. i have done some things. i am thinking about some things.

i have modeled again for cuffs and nicholas wray and van der neer. in that order in one weekend. if you put one shot in order from each of those, it looks like this:

(if you can’t see those you can click them for larger if you didn’t already know)

i have spent time with friends, which makes me giggle.

i have been enjoying my work at sacramento365.com and got to write my first theatre review even if it doesn’t say my name (gotta change that!).

i have thought about summer and how it’s slipping away fast!

i have thought about google plus and social networking and how it sometimes would be nice not to do any of that anymore.

i have tried really hard not to be stressed about launch but now i am stressing myself out trying not to be stressed. okay, so i will be stressed and now i will wonder: how can i hang art on cinderblock walls without putting holes in the walls? do you know?

i have thought about miranda july and her new film and how i very much want to revisit learning to love you more and how i got the book off my shelf and now it is sitting on my floor but i have yet to open it.

i have played a lot of text twist.

i have wished that my macbook had a delete button like my pc at work, where i can delete forward instead of backward. i have wished that for a long time.

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