necrophilic springtime (dali by dali)

the painting above is my favorite by dali: necrophilic springtime, discovered in the book dali by dali which i came across several years ago, in my days of frequenting the berkeley public library (a place where, in addition to allowing me to discover this painting, also ignited my love of xiu xiu and helped complete my kieslowski cravings).

immediately drawn to the image, i scanned it into my computer (note crease and page numbers) before returning the book. i couldn’t find any info about necrophilic springtime online and, unlike the other images from the book, it had no year/medium/date/collection assigned to it. (it now pops up in a google search of its title. created in 1936, i just learned.)

awhile after my initial discovery of it, still unable to discern anything from the internet and still enthralled by the image, i tracked down a used copy of dali by dali on amazon (amazon informs me, vaguely creepily, that i purchased it on june 3, 2008 for $4.50) and obtained the book for my shelves.

it begins like this:
“1 If intelligence does not exist at birth, it will not exist at all.
2 If men go on dying, blame Jules Verne, he was logical.
3 To be logical is to be cuckolded every day by truth and ugliness.
4 What is truth? Less than nothing.
5 What is ugliness? Ugliness is that which cuckolds you every time with beauty.
6 What is beauty? No one knows yet, since it is too obvious.

logical in its illogicalness. perfect in its perfection.


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