on writing and typing

last night, i finished transcribing the first portion of my grandma’s letters — august 4, 1946 through december 31, 1946. a letter a day, every day but one, sent to my grandpa, who was stationed in china as a doctor with the u.s. navy. typed: 119 pages, single spaced. remaining: seven more months.

as i have mentioned previously, i continue to be amazed by the similarities of thought & mind between a 25-year-old in 1946 and a oh-my-gosh-i’m going-to-be-25-years-old-this-year in 2011. furthermore, i am so pleased to be granted such insight into my thoughtful, witty, well-written, and beautiful grandmother — 15 years after her death & 65 years after pen met paper.

my grandma in 1946, age 25.

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