not broken

here are some things that have happened: (numbered but not in order)

1. i am on page 117 of this book (thanks to david horvitz)

2. i am selling these clothes (thanks to cuffs)

3. i am on the back cover & inside of this magazine (thanks to sarah maren photography & kate miller events)

4. i am in this online magazine (thanks to van der neer)

5. i found this photobooth (thanks to shady lady)

6. the show i did promo for got some good coverage (thanks to sn&r, midtown monthly, submerge, and of course keith telfeyan himself!)

7. since i’m listing awesome things and i never mentioned this when it happened: i am at second 32 & minute 1:50 of this video (thanks to saman keshavarz)

8. and of course, this site is working again (thanks to sam keshavarz)

it’s been a good few weeks, despite the frustrating site-outage!


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