a black & white photocopy of this image has been sent to brooklyn. in exchange, i will receive this poster.

“Maybe you can say that speed is inherent in digital technologies. Or, maybe it isn’t speed, it is an immediacy. I feel I am in constant demand of creating content, of always working and needing to make. I had thought that these two ideas, speed and the constant need to update or the constant demand for new content, were intertwined. But maybe they aren’t. Yes, the former is true: there is immediacy in the technology. But is this factor responsible for the demand for constant production? Does it come from the shortening of our attention spans as a result of this technology, and the need for always something new? Or are its origins economic?

I want to slow down at a thousand miles an hour. In the immediacy of this technology, I want the intensity of a moment.

When life and work blend together – when we are always on, always working, always under deadline, always waking up and writing emails, always in a state of fragmented distraction – when the professionalization that comes from work permeates into our life – our attitudes, our ways of expression, our feelings, our thoughts, our actions, our friendships, our entire subjectivities – that is a problem.”

-ed steck

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