there is a picture in here too, promise

i’ve been driving my mom’s car for the past week which is awesome because it’s a hybrid and it actually accelerates (unlike my car). alas, she’s back in town now (if you’re reading this, mom, the “alas” is due to no longer being able to drive your car, not you physically being back in town i swear). the one downside to the mothership (har har) is that it does not have an ipod hookup.

it’s not a complete fail, though, as it caused me to bust out my cds and listen to stuff i haven’t listened to in awhile. mainly, postcoitus, who is consistently awesome, even having been on a several year hiatus (though the research for this post leads me to believe they are making music yet again!). i still have awesome car-dancing parties to 12,000 secretaries like no other (that was the song that finally got even my dad car-dancing, after much trial and error, by the way. it was the day i took this picture).

ANYWAY. the long and the short of this entire rumination is that i was reminded today, as i ejected my cd, that, on top of sending the best package of all time (which included the wonderful “vote yes for dancing” button, among other goodies), they also have a fabulous cd design. i’m a sucker for conversation bubbles, after all:

what? can’t see that? HAHA.

just kidding. here’s a blurry, better view:

(totally parentheses-ed phrases=7. including this one. in case you were counting.)

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