before you go

by putting words in their mouth, facebook reminds you that you have friends that will miss you if you are to leave, as well as opportunities to get in touch with them “one last time.” i am always intrigued by the consistently evolving culture of the social network. is facebook suicide like real suicide? they make it sound so reassuringly so. but, on the other hand, the examples they give are people i talk to more outside of facebook than through it, so perhaps you aren’t so relevant after all, facebook. your algorithms will be your downfall!

2 thoughts on “before you go

  1. facebook is good because it gives you the illusion of staying connected those weeks when you don't have time to have a life.the danger is when it takes up free time that would otherwise be spent actually IRL.

  2. but are illusions ultimately good? that's the real question, i suppose. i feel like a lot of facebook is vaguely interesting to see/catch up on people's lives, but that if it wasn't there, i wouldn't feel like my life was lacking because i keep non-facebook connections with the people i actually care about. i guess that's why i got a good giggle out of the final plea facebook offers when you let them know you are thinking about leaving.

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