smile of smiles

despite what may be said about yoko ono or conceptual art, i adore them both. conceptual art tends to be brushed aside because it is non-physical and, often, unattainable. but, that’s the point. it is the idea that matters. it is the feeling you get from thinking about the idea that matters. and then, whatever you can accomplish from the idea–whether it is tangible as the thing described or not–matters.

so, before i say “matters” again, may i introduce to you the smiling face film by yoko ono. the concept is simple: create a film containing the smiling face of every person on the planet. originally dreamed in 1967, this thought is now more obtainable thanks to the internet. contribute your smiling face to the flickr pool and make this conception a reality.


Send a smile to your friend so he/she can smile, too.

Think of a way to do it.

You could send a photo that says ‘smile’,
or a picture, a story, or a piece of pie,
but specify that it’s a smile you’re passing on.

Ask him/her to do the same:
to pass on the ‘smile’ in his/her own way.

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