a decade closed is now opened

a time capsule sealed on 1/1/2000 is opened on 1/1/2010

it includes this little note from past-me to future-me, folded in proper middle school fashion:

[click for bigger]

and, in case you were wondering: my feet have not grown, i am quite the fabulous dancer, and i still have to do math like that for the simplest equations.


5 thoughts on “a decade closed is now opened

  1. Oh my, Alison! I wish we had been friends ten years ago! This is soooo adorable! Your math equation in the margin is so charming, and I like how you ask yourself all these questions. It's also really great how you've accomplished what was important to you as a 13 year old! You're modeling, got into Berkeley, wearing awesome makeup but still into glitter, you've got a boyfriend, know how to live on your own, and you're just as awesome if not MORE awesome than you were ten years ago! ❤ Thanks for sharing!

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