treasure island hunt

last weekend, i went on a scouting mission/photoshoot with my dear photographer friend jeffrey.
we bumbled around treasure island in a little red zip car.

and, after several circles of this tiny, half-populated, half-abandoned island, we came to rest in front of an old, run down gas station.

(which was neighbor to several blue garages).

but, our focus soon turned to the dilapidated boat across the road.

with boat settled for back drop, we prepped my outfit.
(lesson in tourism 101: carry binoculars along with your camera.)

as the sun began to set, we packed our belongings and i scurried to snap some shots of the surrounding scenery.

then, as it grew darker, i received a lesson in iso from jeffrey and was able to grab a few more photos (with a surrealistic, yellow glow).

goodbye goodbye goodbye, treasure.

thanks for letting us find you.

(you can see jeffrey’s locationally-lighted shots of me on film and digital. probably a couple more to come!)


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