who wants to build a darkroom with me?

last week, devora and i attended the closing art show for the wurster darkroom. i spent a great deal of my senior year around this darkroom–in class first semester and as a volunteer & recreational user my second. just the faintest scent of darkroom chemicals brings back a rush of desire to be in there printing. digital may be taking over, but very little can expand upon the quality and tangibility of film and print processing. and absolutely nothing can surpass the few seconds of anticipation as you wait for your photograph to show itself. so, as i said above, who wants to build a darkroom with me? i have an enlarger timer. and, i’ll give lessons.

5 thoughts on “who wants to build a darkroom with me?

  1. milad!! ok!! first we need a space with no light, whatsoever. then we need red lights. and trays. and chemicals. and an enlarger. and then we're pretty much golden, since i have a timer already. and if note gives us paper, all we need is film and cameras! we can do it!! :)but the light-tight space is the hardest & most important part. my apt is too tiny for sureeee 😦

  2. how much space do we need? if we block off the entry way to my bathroom/closet area, would that be enough room, including the bathroom and the closets? my closets are roomy for being closets! but wait, thats still way smaller than your apt…

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