every now and then i remember i have google analytics set up on my sites; and i quite enjoy perusing it. my favorite features are the “what-people-search-engined-to-find-your-site” part & the map overlay part, which breaks down geographical clicking. today, i discovered that someone from my country-of-heritage clicked on my site (stayed for a minute and a half, too!). this excited me, so i took a screen-capture as proof:

which i now share with all of you.

while i’m on the subject–i find screen-captures intersting for the little peep they allow you into a person’s banal computer life. how much can you learn about a person from their computer at any one point in time? not much here, but take a look-see & make your impression of me accordingly.

[i have been quite prolific lately. i want this post to stay on the top forever, but i keep thinking of other things to say or show. maybe i should invest in a real website one of these days…until then–much linkage]

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