a roundabout rambling

i said ‘my aunt & grandma both called to check in on me as i was driving back to oakland’ and he said ‘isn’t it sad they only call when something bad happens?’ and i thought ‘no. they are always there. they just come actively out of the woodworks when they know up front you need them.’ and it’s a good active reminder, because a support network is something easily forgotten. but it’s there. and i have been reassured of it everyday since will’s accident. i am so so grateful. to know i have people to call for rides, who offer to feed my kitty, who check in to see how my family is doing, who lighten my day with silly text messages & internets, who take on a little extra work, who take my family out to eat, who send their thoughts to william even if they’ve never met him in their lives.

they know how important he is; and that basic human understanding of the importance of a life is key. i think about the uncountable amount of strangers who have helped to save one little–and to them, previously unknown–life that is such a very big, known life to so many. from the people who pull aside to let an ambulance pass, to the neurosurgeon who manually rearranges vertebrae, to the nurses who are bedside 24/7, to the janitors who empty biohazardous waste & tissues alike. everyone of them has affected will’s life and recovery and is initially–and often remains–a stranger. yet they’ve helped the people who know him in the best possible way, no questions asked.

and just thinking of all that energy put into one life, everything petty falls away. there is nothing more important than the life of a loved one–which is a universal human commonality. all that matters are those you care for and those who care for you, (yourself included). there is no patience for politics or mind games or little grievances. don’t waste your time with them–get over yourself, get on with your life, let the past fall away. love the people you love and understand the love of others. nothing else is worth it.

thank you all so very much.

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