jesus in a box!

i am just about good and settled in. that point where all the boxes are unpacked, the laundry clean, the art hung, and just about everything in its proper place.

and now, if you will bear with me, i would like to thank, oscar-style:
-jordan, for helping me move heavy furniture on not one, but two separate days (one of which he’d already helped a friend move in the morning!) and never complaining once.
-timothy, for bringing me dumplings and sharing a last supper with me.
-milad, for setting up my internet, fixing my hard drive, inheriting my couch, and putting up with my creepy monologue tendencies.
-mother & father, for packing many boxes, making many trips, and gifting me with a microwave & lots of polaroid film.
-ryan, for placing the inaugural knock on my front door.
-thomas, for being on call for kitty care, and stuffing a lot of stuff into his already-full closet.
-danica, for taking back her table i had been taking care of even though she hasn’t the room for it either.
-tod, for collecting my mail and being such an amazing landlord and all around human being.
-kristin, for understanding i needed the week off running, and going slow with me the following week when i was easing back in to it.
-kitty, for only puking once during the whole ordeal.

you all made the stress of coordinating my first solo-move so so so much better. i am glad to know i have so many people i can rely on (and several more, actually, who, due to circumstances of proximity or time are not on this particular list but who i know i can always call on in times of need). my thanks go out to you indefinitely.


ps and, while i’m at it, an extra thanks to all who have lovingly sent mail to my new address. keep it coming. there is nothing that brightens my day more than a note in my box.

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