all lives are full of wonder

two fabulous things over the past 2 days (today not included):

on rainy wednesday, kristin & i prepare to begin our run through the mountain view cemetery. a stately black gentleman coming from the chapel of the chimes stops us and says we must be dedicated runners to go in this weather. we giggle and nod, even though, at this point, it’s not even raining. i notice his fine cowboy hat is delicately wrapped in plastic. i tell him i like his rain protection device and he tips his hat and says “texas umbrella”.

on mail run thursday, kristin & i get in the left turn lane at a light. in the lane next to us, a tiny dog hangs all the way out of the driver’s window, kept in just by the grip of the driver’s hand on his purple doggy sweater. we turn and the dog turns too, gleefully enjoying the wind in his face, while the driver stares straight ahead, grumpy as ever.

[i tried to draw both these incidents, but was not successful. words will have to suffice.]

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