why i love david horvitz reason #29485729475297

this post on the xiu xiu blog:
blog when you are drunk, so unrestrained truth reveals itself
some things for the new year:

– fucking, just stand up straight and fix your fucking back, stop slouching

– don’t be cynical, just don’t do it, if you are going to do it, just think, hipster attitude = cynicism – that should keep you away

– don’t waste your time reading stuff you don’t understand, it’s a waste of time, if you don’t understand it, take it slow, if you still don’t, take it slower and get out the dictionary and be online to cross reference shit you need to know before reading it

– try to learn something new everyday, even if its tiny.

– when you open your eyes in the morning, just get up, you don’t need to lay there half asleep thinking about nothing wasting the day away, just get up and start the day

– don’t waste your time thinking dumb negative thoughts. no, this isn’t about being hyper-positive, this is about being efficient. just don’t waste your time doing shit that doesn’t matter. and come on, don’t give the lame comment, “well what matters anyways?” – you already know nothing matters anyways, and so get over that, b/c it’s a waste of time juggling that around, OK, welcome, now go.

– if someone messes with your friend either punch them in their face or teach them to be a better person – don’t do nothing. teach them, that will be good, but if you can’t, punch them in their face.

– if ches posts his european dates and you are in the same town, just go. whey not? what do you got to lose? absolutely nothing. just a few fucking euros and a few hours you’d spend online. just fucking go. the show will be good, carla will be good, just fucking do it. if you are poor and you have no money, and you seriously have no money, and you aren’t one those people who say they have no money but really do (like me and my friends) then just go there and hang outside and listen from the sidewalk. i did that once. i looked so pathetic it was lame. i was with my friend elaine. we stood there in downtown LA outside the fancy rocco show where ches was playing at some italian restaurant. then devin saw us and he told us to come in. someone will see you and let you in. and if they don’t, just listen from the outside. come on. come on. come on.

posted by david”

if you are not subscribed to his ideas mailing list for 2009–DO SO. you will not be disappointed.

[ps my favorite one so far: “Calculate how far the horizon is from you. This can be done by the following: determine the height of your eyes from the ground (in feet). Multiply this by 1.5. Find the square root of this number. The final number is the distance in miles to the horizon specifically from you. Now walk this exact distance. As you do this think about how you are walking the entire range of what is visible from where you started. At the end take one last step and enter over the horizon, into disappearance. Now walk back.” for me–2.872281323 miles. would anyone like to walk there with me?]

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