what i have done since i voted

i have trained for my job of full-time employment. it has taught me how to restrain children. and the insurance has allowed me to go to the dentist.

i have been scrambling about for this:

i have been helping, in a minor way, with this. [order if you’d like to see the show. i may be the one to upload it for you!] ๐Ÿ™‚

i am taking an intermediate darkroom class. my teacher lent me his diana camera which i am looking forward to experimenting with.

i have modeled for my photographer friend jeff. and, if he lets me, i may post some of them here, as his photos are quite fabulous.

it’s weird. i feel like i haven’t been doing anything, but this list makes it appear otherwise.

also i have added this little follower thingamagig on the side of the toolbar. if you want your pretty face to appear with some regularity on this blog, click it!


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