and the sun shines down

remember that one time i posted about domes and how they are hard to capture? the post wasn’t really about that, so you may not remember, but anywayyyy…

here is another attempt at dome-capture. this time at the church of the holy sepulchre, above where christ is buried.

ALSO. thanks to devora’s fine remembering, i have inherited a working camera. so expect more frequent/recent updates soon. HOORAY!

4 thoughts on “and the sun shines down

  1. so much for not being able to capture domes. looks like youre all over it.also this may be stupid, but i didnt know christ was buried in any known place. i mean, the people that believe in him believe he was risen right? like, his body was gone on the third day? and so do just the people who believe he lived in the historical sense believe he is buried here?confused.

  2. well, it's all speculation, just like any sort of religious thing, but the church is located on the hill where jesus was crucified and then buried. you can follow the steps of the passion around jerusalem & then the last few steps are located within the church of the holy sepulchre.

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