back from boot camp!

i have survived the full-car drive to and from san diego. william has survived boot camp and is now a marine. so exciting!

at the marine corps recruit depot, i came across a round that looks like a pencil:

reminiscent of this post, is it not?

will is pretty tall, for a marine (or for a human, for that matter), and now that he’s skinnier & stands up straight, he looks even taller:

grandma isn’t any taller, though, so she still gets to stand directly in front of will for photographs:

now that i don’t have school, or a full time job, i am able to stay in sacramento for a few days into the week while will is on leave. love it.


2 thoughts on “back from boot camp!

  1. you are wearing different clothes in the ones of you and will. then i noticed he is too. so do they let you hang out with him and then have a “knighting” ceremony– like, when hes wearing the hat and everything, was that right after he was officially made a marine and was not just a recruit anymore?just wondering.haha the thing i hafta type in in order to post this is:dotpeey

  2. dotpeey teeheehehehe officially became a marine about a week before we got to see him, after completing the crucible, which is this intense 52-hour thing with a bunch of different challenges, etc.but yes, there were 2 different days on base. the first, more casual day was family day, the first day everyone gets to see their marine. there were a few activities and then will got liberty time to hang out with us.the second day, with the fancier hat was the actual graduation ceremony and then we got to take him back home with us. hooray!

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