stars on maps

earlier this summer, i made it to my 14th capital–salt lake city, utah. somehow, state capital visiting has become a family tradition & has been passed on through the generations to me.

so far i have visited:
washington, dc
sacramento, california
salem, oregon
boise, idaho (though this barely counts as i was so young i hardly remember it)
carson city, nevada
springfield, illinois
idianapolis, indiana
trenton, new jersey
annapolis, maryland
dover, delaware
richmond, virginia
raleigh, north carolina
columbia, south carolina
salt lake city, utah

a trip to a state capital only counts if you visit the actual capitol building. seeing the town is simply not enough.

and so, i give you photographic proof of my most recent capitol visit:

lots of capitol buildings have domes, which are difficult to capture. this was my attempt.


3 thoughts on “stars on maps

  1. what good recollection you have father father.i have added it to the list. i have also corrected my mistake. i listed charleston as the capital of sc when it is actually the capital of oops. i’m surprised you didn’t catch it!

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