chronological computers

this is my first computer, theodore:

[he is the one sitting on the couch. i am the one doing yoga in front of him.]
he had a quick death early on in life. he recovered from it, but slowly declined in health until he had to be retired.

as theo got used to retirement, leopold theodore came along:

[leopold’s first photograph is also my first polaroid]
he was not yet a year old when he was stolen from me. so young!

the advent of the swipe brings in the birth of a new computer:

[with a lock, mind you]

he has yet to be named. any suggestions?

9 thoughts on “chronological computers

  1. ooo hydraclops…multiple heads with one eye each! i like the picture of that.i have been toying with theodore leopold III. did you read my mind, maria? i wouldn’t be surprised :)theodore really was the best computer name ever, but i didn’t want leopold to be a junior. i don’t mind thirds though…hmmmmmmm still undecided!

  2. Male: Montgomery or Felix (the latter means Fortunate or Happy, which could be a good omen; the former could give way to Monty Mac. Hm. Maybe not.). Female: Audrey, meaning noble strength; or Fiona, just because? See Call up heritage…blend with your name…maybe look up Scottish to go w/ MacIntosh? Bon soir.

  3. Even though Patrick proposed it only in the context of theme song, I think Chumbawumba would be a fabulous name for the new machine.Or, because it can do magical things for you, my other suggestion is Tim, in honor of Tim the Enchanter from MP and the HG.

  4. i don’t think i can name it tim, given that tim is the name of one of my very dear friends. (he has magical powers along the lines of time the enchanter, too)i rather like montgomery. hmmm…montgomery leopold theodore?montgomery theodore leopold?

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