sneak polaroid attacks!

and the scenes of their crimes!

the concept is simple: sneak up on victim, take picture (shriek while doing so to increase the frenzy), tape picture on wall precisely where the attack occurred.

one time danica got me:

[but only once]

these happened over the course of fall semester.
but a sneak polaroid attack can occur at any moment.
so watch out!

4 thoughts on “sneak polaroid attacks!

  1. you are so enjoyable.confused: i thought they stopped making polaroid film? did you have a hidden cache?youre the only one i know who uses polaroids. (contributes to the enjoyable factor)

  2. yes, they did. i have a little stash. and you can still find it in some stores…the sales haven’t stopped, just the production. boo on that. i like sneak polaroid attacking!

  3. So that’s what happened tonight–a sneak Polaroid attack! Will admit, though, chica, I don’t want to see moi mug on the blog. Prefer mystique of anonymomity, mais non? Seriously. Merci. Lovvvveee…

  4. for it to be a true sneak attack i would have had to stick it to the wall of the dining room. but don’t worry, i don’t have any intention of posting it here. it’s just for me so i can remember what you and dad look like while i’m away! 🙂

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