everything is yellow

but not my pee. promise.
this is the bathroom at my favorite starbucks–on third & market in sf.
i like to go there in the mornings before internship. all the employees are super-friendly. this alone already makes you want to tip them but in case for some reason you didn’t, they further encourage you to do so by making a sort of polling system out of the tip jars. at each register there are 2 different boxes in which to place your tip. each box is labelled along some sort of theme so, with your tip, you can vote for which you think is the better option. for example, last wednesday i had to choose between “scrabble” and “clue” which was the toughest decision i have had to make in a long time.

2 thoughts on “everything is yellow

  1. This does seem to be a nice bathroom, but you forgot to mention the detail about the LARGE, disconnected, human head that appears to be floating in it. Yikes!TF

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