to la-1725 (& beyond!)

for those who don’t know, in my life outside the internets i have a job at the uc berkeley engineering library (this is a job that pays me money. i have other jobs that don’t). i have worked there for more than 2 years now but, as my college career comes to a close, so does my career as a librarian.

one of my on-going tasks throughout my time here is to organize the technical reports, down in the pits of the library. at first this task was tedious but over time i grew to love it. the aisles went from disorderly, dusty messes to clean, sleek, organized rows:

i had hoped to finish this project before i left, but there are more shelves left than time:

all-in-all, i have enjoyed my time with the technical reports. not only does it allow me time to think & listen to music on my ipod, i also sometimes come across gems like this:

and in 3 weeks i will discover them no more.
i hope whoever replaces me is able to discover the fun in them, as i did.


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