extensive coverage

devora and i regularly take photobooth pictures. last week we decided to experiment with head shaking, in lieu of hearing about a project by d’arcy french-myerson.

amazingly, the shutterspeed on our particular photobooth was speedy enough that it did not blur our movement. to add to the failure of the overall experiment, the paper seemed to have been exposed at the bottom. (we did a retake, non-shaking, strip since the first one was such a failure. both came out blackened at the bottom).

the upside of ugly/unflattering/etc photobooth photos is that they are therefore fair game to cut-up/rip-up/generally-mess-with, which is exactly what i did:

[with aid of pin & paperclip]

at first i was going to black-out certain distinguishing features of this one, but in the end i was taken with the funhouse-mirror effect this experiment had:

[with assistance from elmer’s glue and wristband from thee parkside]

so much writing, too much writing in this post. lots of linking. it has exhausted me.

and so now, good night.


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