one of my favorite band names is also one of my favorite bands

i’ve never done a music post before. i usually leave that to my friend michael.

postcoitus, however, has remained one of my favorite bands for over a year now and so they deserve mention. staying power says a lot. i first heard them play live at a co-op party, complete with light show and neon short-shorts. i downloaded a couple songs from their myspace page and was hooked, so i ordered their cd online. it took a while to get to me, but it was worth the wait.

i arrived home one day to find a taped manila envelope that looked like this:

that contained a note to me, 4 free buttons, and the cd itself.

they’ve been m.i.a for some time now, but their song 12,000 secretaries alone is enough to keep me entertained. it is good from the start but becomes the best at 2:07. enjoy, and–vote yes for dancing!

[also, please note the appropriate blog post time. not an april fools, just a fun coincidence!]

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