the beauty of the cafe in today’s society is its versatility. the cafe creates an atmosphere where sitting by one’s self and being introspective is just as common as a conversation, date, or meeting. there are few places where such a variety of activities are accepted. cafes are almost always busy, but it is easy to find solitude and peace within one. the noise at once encompasses and expels, reverberating off the walls, but off the patrons as well. it is easy to create a bubble and concentrate amidst the noise. this aptitude for multiplicity exemplifies the cafe’s impact–it fits into every mode and every lifestyle and therefore remains one of the popular places for people to go. one can create what one wants to create within it. the atmosphere is mobile. inside, one can create a home-away-from-home. interaction is enabled, but solitude is accepted–one can choose which mode they want to uptake at any given time.

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